Executive Summary

DevaCell’s Background

Oncolytic Virotherapy (OV) is an emerging modality for cancer that uses genetically modified viruses that specifically replicate in and destroy cancer cells while assisting the immune system to generate an anti-tumor immunity. However, OV is severely limited due to the body’s immune response against viruses causing rapid clearance.

Our multiple award winning patented nanoencapsulation and virus coating technology generates a nanolayer around a virus surface without harming the virus or modifying its genetically-engineered anti-cancer weapons.

The main hurdle of OV today is the inability to deliver a sufficient viral dose to metastases as a result of immediate detection and destruction of the viruses by the patient’s own immune system prematurely, before the virus reaches the metastases.

DevaCell’s proprietary nanolayer provides the therapeutic virus with three game changing properties:

  1. The nanolayer blocks antibody access to the surface of the virus making it essentially stealth to the immune system, preventing rapid clearance from the circulation. This also allows extended blood circulation of the viruses and a much better accumulation of viruses in the tumor sites including metastases.
  2. The nanolayer enables the attachment of molecules to the surface of the nanolayer which allows the targeting of the virus to multiple receptors over-expressed on the surface of cancer cells. This allows for a virus with proven efficacy to be administered against different cancer-specific targets.
  3. The nanolayer dissolves completely when it enters into the cancer cell, releasing the virus which then efficiently replicates in and destroys the cancer cell.

OnCoat technology not only improves the outcome in current indications of OV, but also expands the market by allowing a particular OV to be applied for other indications.