DevaCell’s novel enzyme nano-encapsulation technology shields enzymes of non-human origin from the immune system.

This enables a platform of enzymatic therapies to treat multiple diseases including most cancers and refractory gout.

Grand prize winner in U.S. Collegiate Inventors Competition 2012
Grand prize winner UC San Diego Entrepreneur Challenge 2013

Oncology: DevaCell’s enzymes loaded nanoparticles enable:
     • Amino-acid depletion therapies targeting the tumor metabolism
     • Enzyme-prodrug therapies for targeted chemotherapy
Refractory Gout: fast uric acid decomposition using uricase-loaded nanoparticles
Diagnostics: hydrogen peroxide and glucose sensing

Patent-protected unique IP with novel nanoparticle structure:

-IP licensed from UC San Diego / Moores Cancer Center

Scientific Advisory Board composed of world renowned professors:

-Dr. Roger Tsien (2008 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry),
-Dr. William Trogler, Dr. Dennis Carson & Dr. Sadik Esener

Technology approval by collaborating world experts: