DevaCell is actively seeking partnership opportunities with proprietary enzyme IP providers. If you have an enzyme that you wish to encapsulate within our nanoparticles in order to shield it from immune responses and protect it from in vivo degradation and neutralization, please contact us.
Exterior surface of SHELS encapsulating the enzyme can be decorated with PEG molecules as well as targeting and other ligands without the need to modify the enzymes.
SHELS encapsulation technology is an ideal tool to gain an early insight about the in vivo performance of immunogenic or serum-unstable proteins without going through the time consuming and expensive PEGylation or conjugation processes, which may also adversely affect the activity of proteins.
Enzymes within SHELS can move freely, hence their activity is near identical to their un-encapsulated free form. Depending on the exact protein, we can achieve very high loading efficiencies.