Viral vector-based therapies are an emerging class of next-generation therapeutics combining multiple modalities in one body addressing therapeutic challenges in cancer, gene therapy and vaccines with a promise yet to be matched with any other approach.

In cancer, using an oncolytic virus, we are capitalizing on the natural ability of a virus to infect a cancer cell, replicate and kill cancer cells, while at the same time inducing a potent, patient-specific, immune response to the cancer. An oncolytic virus has the unique ability to activate and enhance a patient’s own immune system response to a patient’s cancer, including patient-specific neoantigens, with the benefit of a true, off-the-shelf and ready-to-use approach.

In gene therapy, viruses are used to edit, knock-out or replace dysfunctional genes cell by cell in the tissue of interest. Next generation vaccines utilizes safe viral vectors for durable and strong expression antigens from pathogens without potentially serious side effects of being exposed to the pathogen itself.

However, viral vector-based therapies are challenged by immunogenicity of the virus itself leading to poor pharmacokinetics, side effects and poor efficacy preventing viral vector-based therapies to reach their promise.

DevaCell DEVA (Designer Encapsulated Viral Assembly) approach for the first time provides the highest level of flexibility for viral vector design. The core innovation is the breakthrough virus surface engineering technology ONCoat, which can be applied to a variety of viruses. ONCoat is an organic/inorganic hybrid chemistry that makes virus essentially stealth to the immune system by blocking access of antibodies to the virus surface and preventing neutralization of the virus ONCoat dramatically improves the pharmacokinetics enabling tissue specific systemic delivery with unprecedented efficiency with powerful tissue specific targeting capability without reducing the infectivity of the virus.

Combined with synergistic genetic modifications to the virus, DevaCell achieves best-in-class viral therapeutics.