DevaCell is executing a broad, ambitious development plan with a pipeline of potent therapeutics, vaccines and gene therapies targeting multiple indications, with our goal to fully realize the potential of our ONCoat platform across a wide range of diseases.


DEVA-OV is our first product platform to transition into development targeting metastatic cancer.

DEVA-OV1 is a surface-engineered, systemically delivered, stealth virus based on adenovirus serotype 5 (Ad5), the virus that causes the common cold, which has been specifically engineered to replicate selectively in cancer cells. The virus is also “armed” with a stong cytokine to enhance the direct killing of cancer cells, as well as to activate a patient’s own immune system response. Powerful surface engineering provides effective delivery into to the tumor tissue including metastases upon systemic administration and allows repeat administration capability. There are multiple product candidates in development utilizing this platform. 


DEVA-GT is our gene therapy platform in development phase based on surface-engineered, replication deficient Ad5 serotype of adenovirus, which is one of the most effective viral vectors. ONCoat surface engineering provides long circulation, effective tissue targeting, and protection from immune response, neutralization and clearance upon systemic administration. ONCoat also provides repeat administration, which is an important requirement of gene therapy. 


DEVA-VAX platform is our vaccine platform utilizes surface engineered replication deficient Ad5 serytpe of adenovirus providing strong antigen expression without losing its efficacy even through multiple boosters. Devacell has a product candidate for COVID19, DEVA-VAX-COVID19, which is currently in preclinical development.