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Gene Therapy Limits

Pre-existing neutralizing antibodies limit over half of eligible patients in many cases

Limited tissue specificity and target cell selectivity

Packaging capacity of current available vectors severely limits the promise and applicability of the therapy

Repeat administration cannot be achieved with current solutions due to the presence of neutralizing antibodies

Off target effects & significant safety concerns

ONCoat™ Brings Solutions for Neutralizing Antibodies

  • Demonstrated improved PK and elimination of neutralizing antibodies
  • Repeat administration possible, not just a one-time limitation
  • Much higher targeting ligand density possible
  • Much higher gene expression possible

ONCoat™ Brings Solutions for Off Target Effects

  • By delivering all the components together
    • Higher efficiency of gene edit and gene delivery
    • Significantly improved target cell selectivity
  • Synthetic vectors with larger DNA template payload
  • Higher density of targeting ligand

ONCoat™ Brings Solutions for Delivering the Entire Gene for A Durable Repair

  • Synthetic vector allows for repeat administration and lower dosing, while minimizing or eliminating neutralizing immune response
  • Enhanced targeting beyond wild type viruses, synthetic capsids, and non-viral
  • Access greater viral payloads include complete gene payloads

ONCoat™ Brings Solutions for Unleashing the Full Gene Editing Mechanism of Action

  • Agnostic to gene editing tools used to create engineered, synthetic vector

Designer Encapsulated Vector Assembly

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