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Next generation synthetic vector based therapeutics the ONCoat™ vector engineering platform


DevaCell is developing next-generation, engineered, synthetic vector based therapeutics based on the company’s ONCoat™ synthetic vector platform technology, enabling a pipeline of high impact therapeutics across three key segments: armed oncolytic immunotherapeutics, vaccines, and gene therapy/gene editing applications. 

ONCoat™ Synthetic Vector Process

Naked Adenovirus
Naked Adenovirus

Highly infectious
Highly immunogenic
High transduction efficiency

Organic Polymer Coating
Organic Polymer Coating

Acts as a foundation for sol-gel reaction
Synergistic role in endosomal lysis and escape

Inorganic Sol-gel Reaction
Inorganic Sol-gel Reaction

Masks the surface of the virus
Transitions through pH mediated degradation in late endosomal stage
Forms a foundation for high density, flexible functionalization

Surface Functionalization
Surface Functionalization

High density surface functionalization
Bi-functional PEG molecules
One side strongly attaches to ONCoat™ surface through specific linker chemistry
Solution facing side carries folate molecules enabling efficient cellular uptake

ONCoat™ Virus – Uptake Mechanism

ONCoat™ Virus Uptake Mechanism

Prevents Viral Neutralization:

Potential for enhanced immune system activation by preventing viral vector neutralization and increasing gene expression

Enables Repeat and Systemic Delivery:

Synthetic vector platform enables repeat administration and systemic delivery, without neutralizing antibody effects


Improved safety with potential to reduce dose levels and toxicity


Low cost, scalable manufacturing process Strong intellectual property position with multiple worldwide patent applications covering the ONCoat™ platform technology, next generation therapeutics, vaccines, and gene therapy/gene editing applications, as well as methods, process and manufacturing IP


Designer Encapsulated Vector Assembly

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