We are an innovative therapeutics company formed to create a new class of gene therapies, vaccines and cancer therapeutics utilizing our proprietary ONCoatTM drug delivery platform that is designed to provide durable treatment options, while also enabling repeat administration.

DevaCell believes that millions of patients living with rare and prevalent diseases can be treatment with the company’s ONCoatTM drug delivery platform, which incorporates a proprietary vector engineering and nanoparticle-based, encapsulation technology that allows for a broad range of genes to be inserted in a wide range of gene delivery vectors.

Using our approach, the company is developing novel therapeutics that provide the targeted delivery of genetic payloads that include large and multiple genes to a range of cell and tissue types across a broad array of diseases.

We are also designing and developing our platform technology to allow for repeat administration, which enables more precise and individualized patient-specific treatment interventions. For example, the titration of a patient’s therapy to gradually reach the desired level of therapeutic expression and to maintain efficacy throughout a patient’s life.

The company is seeking to develop a broad and deep produce pipeline, including gene therapy programs, vaccines and cancer therapeutics.

We are focused on diseases with significant unmet need for which our novel, ONCoatTM drug delivery platform may significantly improve effectiveness relative to current therapeutic approaches.

We are initially prioritizing rare monogenic diseases that result from mutations in a single gene, that have well-established biomarkers and clear clinical and regulatory pathways.

We plan to expand our product pipeline to include additional programs in rare, as well as prevalent diseases of the liver, as well as in diseases of the skeletal muscle, the central nervous system, and oncology by developing unique vector engineering and encapsulation technology, each engineered to reach a different cell or tissue type.

In parallel, we seek to continue to innovate to enable the rapid advancement of new disease programs in novel indication based on a strong, biology-driven basis.

While we are currently a preclinical stage company and have not yet transitioned to human clinical trials, we believe that our new class of gene therapies has the potential to reach previously untreatable or under-treated patients and address new indications, including those with large patient populations, thereby unlocking the full potential of genetic medicine.


DevaCell’s ONCoatTM synthetic vector-based platform technology is enabling transformative, new therapeutic opportunities across three key segments: Oncolytic virus therapy, vaccines and gene therapy/gene editing application. The company’s lead therapeutic program is focused on applying our novel synthetic vector technology to oncolytic viral therapy. Our synthetic vector-based immunotherapeutics are designed to activate and enhance a patient’s own immune system, which enable the potential to dramatically improve patient outcomes.

TARGETED ATTACK: Our synthetic vector-based immunotherapeutics are designed to selectively attack tumor cells.

HIGHLY POTENT ATTACK: Our synthetic vector-based immunotherapeutics are designed to deliver a highly potent attack and destruction of tumor cells.

BROAD IMMUNE ACTIVATION & ENHANCEMENT: Our synthetic vector-based immunotherapeutics are designed to activate and enhance multiple arms of the immune system simultaneously, enabling an optimized, systemic immune response.